Java is, by far, my favorite programming language. I am completely self taught in Java SE and EE. I have created multiple programs using both the Swing and JavaFX frameworks, and have used Java to create large scale web applications using JBoss Wildfly. I love creating open source software to benefit the community, because I believe large things can be achieved from small contributions. I am knowledgeable of many advanced Java concepts and frameworks, including Inheritance, EJBs, Servlets, JSF, and JPA. In my efforts to solve real-world problems with Java, I have teamed up to create a fully functional asset reservation system to replace outdated carbon copies in schools and businesses. I am selling the system through my company, AptiTekk, LLC.


I have created multiple Android applications using Java and Android Studio. My most notable app, the “Bingham App”, was created in a team for Bingham High School in South Jordan, Utah. This app used many advanced features, including overlaying the school map upon Google Maps. This allowed users to search for and find rooms easily, and see the rooms’ locations in relation to the school parking lots.


This website and a couple of my other websites run on a Debian VPS (Virtual Private Server), installed and maintained by myself. I have an excellent knowledge of the commands, tools, and software necessary to manage a web server, and I am proficient in web server security. My server takes advantage of RSA keys and SSL certificates, and I use an installation of ISPConfig to manage my websites.


Creating websites is exciting to me! I am in love with designing clean, modern websites that flow beautifully. I am well versed in HTML 5 and am able to overcome many of the challenges that arise as I go from concept to reality in the process of web-design.

Using CSS 3 and its new features like animations, transitions, and border radiuses, I add subtle details that can change the entire look and feel of the website. I put a lot of thought into user friendliness and strive to create websites that are almost fun to look at. I work hard at creating websites that look great on the outside, and work great on the inside — and I ensure that my websites look the way I want them to by constantly testing them on many different browsers.


PHP is one of my favorite programming languages. I love creating secure and efficient server-sided code that serves a purpose. On an old website, I used PHP to create a rudimentary-yet-functional forum system, allowing users to register for an account and make threads and posts. It taught me a lot about implementing MySQL queries, avoiding SQL injections, and validating user input. I also learned to ensure that users’ private information, such as passwords and email addresses, were securely stored within the databases, and hashed where necessary.


I have a strong grasp of MySQL queries, and am very confident in creating software and web applications that implement MySQL. I have used MySQL in quite a few projects in the past. MySQL is an integral part of an error report system built into many of my programs, allowing users to send logs and comments if the program crashes. All of my websites use MySQL, and are managed from the web via phpMyAdmin, and remotely via MySQL Workbench. Some of my software also includes support for SQLite, which is a great lightweight, file-based alternative to MySQL for small applications.


WordPress is consistently my #1 choice when deciding what framework to use when building websites. Most people see WordPress as something only used when creating blogs, but I find that it can be used for so much more; from blogs, to online marketplaces, to portfolios. In fact, this website runs on WordPress. I find comfort in using WordPress for many reasons, but mainly because of the ease-of-use and proven security. I have a lot of experience designing websites with WordPress, and I know how to make it do what I need it to do. I hope one day to create plugins for WordPress and give back to the amazing community.


I love Autodesk products. Autodesk has many amazing tools that have assisted me in many ways. I am skilled in Inventor and Maya, and have a bit of experience working with 3ds Max.

Using Inventor, I have created 3D visual models of most of my projects in woodshop at school, which gave me the chance to build and scale them exactly how I wanted them, then create drawings of the parts. This made the whole process of building my projects so much easier and faster, as I had the exact dimensions of every part and knew exactly how to assemble the projects. My favorite project was a hardwood porch swing I built from scratch.

I have taken a half year class on Maya, and really enjoyed it. I am very capable of creating 3D models in Maya, and I know how to work with many different types of materials, including Phong, Blinn, and Mental Ray. I have created everything from small buildings to video game characters using Maya.

Adobe CS6

I use Adobe products constantly when designing websites and software. My two favorite tools are Photoshop and Illustrator, and I feel very confident and skilled while using them. I have experience using InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, and Bridge as well. I have studied the elements and principles of design, and I try to always create pleasing graphics, fine tuning them to perfection.

I find Illustrator very useful in many different situations, not just in web design. For example, I have used Illustrator to design parts to be cut out of sheet metal and aluminum, which were used when building a truck at school. Illustrator is my go-to choice when designing logos, because I want to always retain the quality of the logo at any scale.

I think Adobe products are invaluable and you can never go wrong with learning how to use them.