uCount Polling System

Type: Web Application | Programming Language(s): Java Enterprise Edition

uCount was a simple and reliable polling system designed with schools in mind. It was built from scratch with Java Enterprise Edition, and was used during a school-wide assembly.

Emoji Tools

Type: Desktop Application | Programming Language(s): Java, JavaFX

Emoji Tools is a set of tools designed to assist Android and iOS developers while modifying or creating new Emoji fonts. Using Emoji Tools, developers can extract the Emojis from their phones into PNG files, allowing them to be modified in Photoshop. The modified emojis can then be packaged back onto the phone with the click of a button. It was created in Java, and includes a JavaFX based GUI.


Type: Desktop Application | Programming Language(s): Java, Swing

The purpose of MinecraftK12 was to provide the tools and support needed for Minecraft to be used in an educational environment, allowing it to be integrated into the lesson plans of teachers of various subject areas. It was built using Java while I was in 9th Grade.

Multicast Tester

Type: Android Application | Programming Language(s): Java

Multicast Tester is my first Android Application. Its function is to allow developers to send and receive multicast packets from their phones, mainly for use while testing desktop applications. The application follows Google’s Material Design Specifications.

The American Life

Type: Desktop 2D Game | Programming Language(s): Java

The American Life was a small 2D side-scroller that I created in 10 days as a U.S. History project in 11th Grade. The story followed a common American named Thomas who is influenced by propaganda posters in his hometown during WWI. I programmed the entire game from scratch, as well as created most of the artwork. The game was coded entirely in Java.