Project Description

The American Life is a small 2D side-scroller that I created in 10 days as a U.S. History project in 11th Grade. I did all of the programming alone, as well as created most of the artwork. The game is coded entirely in Java. I wrote everything from scratch; from the rendering, to the level loading, to the music manager. The majority of the artwork was designed by myself as well.


In The American Life, you play as a common American named Thomas who is influenced by propaganda posters in his hometown during WWI. Thomas decides to join the Army – a choice which means he must leave his family behind. The war turns out to be very different from what all the posters advertised it as, and is actually quite terrifying. When Thomas returns home with a missing leg and crutches, his family does not recognize him at first. Thomas is no longer the man they once knew. In the end, the War did more harm than good.

Image Gallery

On the left is an image gallery of the game. Click the arrows to scroll through the images, or click on the image to expand it into view!

The American Life is Open Source

The American Life is completely open source! It was created with Eclipse, and later migrated to IntelliJ IDEA. Click the button below to be taken to the source code.


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