Project Description

Emoji Tools is a project I created to help Android and iOS developers modify and create new Emoji fonts. It provides tools to allow extracting Emojis, renaming Emojis, converting between Apple’s proprietary “pincrushed” image format and a standard PNG format, and repackaging of multiple PNG images into a single Emoji font which will work on the phone. It also includes an error handler which allows users to send detailed bug reports to me with a click of a button.

Easy-To-Use GUI

Emoji Tools has a very easy-to-use and well laid out GUI to make the process of extracting or packaging Emojis as simple as possible. Each tab maintains a similar look and feel to reduce feelings of confusion as much as possible.

Dialog boxes are used in many places to warn the user of errors, problems, or simply to show a progress bar during extraction, packaging, and other processes.

The GUI was built using Swing, and may be ported to JavaFX in the future.

From Android to PC -- And Back Again

Emoji Tools can not only extract Emojis from Android and iOS devices, but it can also package Emojis from the PC into fonts that can be used on Android, with iOS support coming soon. Using Emoji Tools, you can modify or create your own Emojis to use on your phone, and it’s quite an easy process.

Check out my tutorial on How to Modify Android Emojis!

Like What You See?

Click the button below to go to the Emoji Tools download page, where you can get either an exe or jar version of Emoji Tools!

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