I am currently a student at the University of Utah majoring in Computer Science. I am very passionate about my work and academics, and was named Wasatch Front Utah’s Sterling Scholar Winner of Computer Technology, as well as a finalist in Skilled and Technical Sciences Education at my high school. I was born in South Jordan, Utah, and grew up fascinated by all the different technologies around me, especially those involving electronics and computers. I knew that technology would be a major part of my future, and I made it my goal to contribute in any way that I could.

I began learning to program at seven years old by creating scripts for a video game called Roblox. By the age of thirteen, I was creating and maintaining popular modifications for video games like Minecraft, with over fifty thousand downloads to date. I received many requests to create custom modifications for other players, which sparked the idea for my own freelance modification-creating service. My service garnered a lot of attention very quickly, and I was given five-star ratings on Fiverr.com from all of my customers.

In the ninth grade, I worked in a two-person team to create an educational platform for Minecraft called MinecraftK12, which allowed teachers to use Minecraft as a teaching tool in their classrooms. My ninth grade technology teacher took interest in this platform, and used it in his classroom for multiple years to teach middle school students. In tenth grade, my team entered MinecraftK12 into the Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair (CUSEF) where it took First Place in Computer Science, received an award from Intel for Excellence in Computer Science, and was given the Dean’s Award, sponsored by the BYU David O. McKay School of Education. 

While a student in high school, I repaired multiple computers and large pieces of equipment owned by the school, including the woodshop’s CNC machine, the welding shop’s CNC machine, and the drafting lab’s 3D printer. I wrote step-by-step instruction guides for some of the machines that I repaired so that they could continue to be used after I had moved on from high school. My work at my high school paved the way for the 3D graphics classes to integrate 3D printing in their curriculum, and allowed the woodshop students to build fully-working wooden combination lock safes using CNC-milled tumblers. I trained the woodshop students to use the woodshop’s CNC machine to engrave images and designs into their projects, and taught welding students to create their own designs that can be cut on the plasma-cutting CNC machine. I graduated high school with an Enhanced Diploma in Mathematics and CTE, bearing a 4.0 GPA and 32 ACT.

I was direct-admitted as a full Computer Science major to the University of Utah’s College of Engineering. On top of my studies in Computer Science, I am also the CEO of AptiTekk, LLC and Webmaster for Entheos Academy. Much of my time at the University of Utah has been spent in their new Lassonde Studios, which provide companies like my own with professional resources, funding, and office space. I have placed as a finalist in multiple business competitions at the Lassonde Studios, and currently maintain a 4.0 GPA in my studies.

Computer Technology has been and will always be my passion. I strive to create great software not for fame and fortune, but because I genuinely want to help people. I want to change the world in any way that I can, and I believe that computer programming presents an extraordinary opportunity for me to do so. Technology will only continue to become a bigger part of peoples’ lives as time goes on, and I want to be there as it does.